Actuators and engines

The PCVExpo exhibition presents a wide range of actuators and engines:

• motors
• electric actuators
• hydraulic actuators
• pneumatic actuators
• power engines
• gear motors
• gear boxes
• couplings
• bearings
• drive belts
• oils and greasing substance
• control and regulating systems

Exhibitors are manufacturers and suppliers of actuators and engines: PLCSystems, Sibir-Mechatronics and many other companies.

In 2020, 42%* visitors of the exhibition were interested in actuators, 39%*- engines.

*Multiple choice answers

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Exhibiting at PCVExpo is an effective way of industrial pumps, compressors, valves, actuators and engines promotion on the Russian market
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Visiting PCVExpo exhibition will help you solving major professional and business tasks in a convenient and time-saving manner
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