The 19th International Exhibition PCVExpo / Pumps, Compressors, Valves, Actuators and Engines
27 - 29 October 2020 • Moscow, Crocus Expo

24 октября

International scientific and technical conference «ECOPUMP-RUS’2019. Energy Efficiency and Innovation in Pump Engineering»

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10.00 - 10.30 registration of participants

10.30 - 12.30 presentation of speakers

12.30 - 13.00 break

13.00 - 15.00 continuation of the conference

15.00 - 15.20 summing up the conference

The time provided to each participant for speaking with a report, questions and answers, no more than 15 minutes.

Speech order

1. Tverdokhleb I. B. RAPN

Conference opening

2. Elin A.V. , LLC “Asset Management Company“ HMS Group ”

Methodology and features of the preparation of technical proposals for industrial pumping equipment of the HMS Group

3. Chaburko P.S., Lomakin V.O., Valiev T.Z.,  MSTU named after N.E. Bauman

The use of optimization algorithms to improve the vibro-acoustic properties of pumps

4. Ivanov E.A., Zharkovsky A.A., Borschev I.O., St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Development of a centrifugal pump impeller metamodel

5. Knyazeva E.G., Mikhaylichenko A.L.,  Branch of JSC HMS Livgidromash in Moscow

Expansion of the range of pumps for oil refining (GOST 32601-2013; API 610). Low-flow high-pressure pumps

6. Viter D.I., Rodenko O.V., Obozny A.S.,  Branch of JSC HMS Livhydromash in Moscow, LLC UK Management Group HMS

A new generation of domestic pumps of type BB5 in accordance with API 610 (GOST 32601-2013)

7. Krasheninnikov S.V., LLC “VILO RUS”

Energy-efficient technology for WILO submersible pumping technology

8. Mikhailov Yu.V., Strizhov E.E.,  Branch of JSC HMS Livhydromash in Moscow

Calculation of pumping equipment for seismic strength

9. Zanina N.S., Ivanov A.I., Kositsyn I.P., PJSC "Kuznetsov"

The method of cavitation tests of a cryogenic screw centrifugal pump

10. Buzin A.V., Shevchenko O.N., Rudenko A.A., Tverdokhleb I.B.,  Branch of JSC HMS Livhydromash in Moscow, LLC UK Management Group HMS

Replaceable flow parts of pumps type NM. Original technical solutions and test results

11. Morgunov G.M., NRU “MEI”

Semi-analytic approaches to the description of fluid dynamics relevant for vane pumps

12. Nadtochy A.S., Tverdokhleb I.B.,  Branch of JSC HMS Livhydromash in Moscow,

LLC “Asset Management Company“ HMS Group ”

The influence of the supply elements on the efficiency of the intermediate stage in pumps type BB3

13. Gordeev V.V., Zubkov A.G.,  LLC NPK "Sealant"

Basic provisions of the new edition of GOST 32600 for mechanical seals

14. Rudenko A.A., Tverdokhleb I.B.,  Branch of JSC HMS Livhydromash in Moscow, LLC UK Management Group HMS

Design of a pump with an opposed arrangement of impellers for mine drainage

15. Kostyuk A.V., Patrin Y.V. Branch of HMS Livhydromash JSC in Moscow

New pumping equipment for water supply and sanitation produced by the HMS Group

16. Valyukhov S.G., Klimova N.A., Obolonskaya E.M., Voronezh State Technical University

Application of ANSYS CCD software module for centrifugal compressor design

17. Fisenko V.N., “Ru Well Systems”

private scientific innovation company

Assessment of green energy efficiency of pumps during testing and in real systems

18. Sokolov S.A.,  Branch of JSC HMS Livhydromash in Moscow

The influence of individual elements of the pumping system on its efficiency as part of an expanded approach

19. Vikhlyosov A.A., Naumov A.V., Volkov A.V., Lyamasov A.K., Pankratov S.N.,  NRU "MPEI"

Evaluation of the predicted energy characteristics of the prototype cantilever circulation pump with an advanced vane system