The 19th International Exhibition PCVExpo / Pumps, Compressors, Valves, Actuators and Engines
27 - 29 October 2020 • Moscow, Crocus Expo


“Exhibiting at PCVExpo is a unique opportunity to learn about the development of the production of the pumps and pipes market. It is important in terms of market research and for maintaining technical excellence. Due to the economic downturn, more means and time must be put in to taking part in exhibitions and for developing new products.”

Sergey Valyukhov
General Director, General Constructor

“This is our 10th exhibition. PCVExpo is key in the compressor industry, we, naturally, cannot miss this event. It is also an important way to show clients new products in the flesh; the exhibition is the best way to show clients what they may encounter in the near future. We are expecting the usual amazing results from exhibiting. We would definitely recommend the exhibition to our partners and colleagues.”

Кезер Компрессорен ГМБХ
Mark Kordonsky
General Director

“We came to see what new things have appeared so that we can properly compete with businesses who have new technologies.”

Gadzhiev Zavod
Osman Osmanov
Commercial Director

“We have exhibited at PCVExpo for more than 10 years. The exhibition is very significant for us as our potential customers are here. We found new clients in the first half-day. Exhibiting is a must for increasing sales.”

ABS ZEIM Automation
Alexandr Timofeev
Department Director