HMS Group will take part at PCVExpo 2021.


HMS Group is one of the major pump, compressor equipment producers for oil & gas, power generation, utilities and water supply in Russia and CIS countries, one of the leading manufacturers of skid mounted modular oilfield equipment and a dynamically developing engineering company with successful practice in design, installation and construction, commissioning of integrated oil & gas production and water facilities.

HMS Group will take part at PCVExpo 2021.
HMS Group is a vertically-integrated holding with a modern system of a corporate management, where the function of manufacturing companies’ shares holding and the function of business administration are traditionally separated. Parent holding company is HMS HYDRAULIC MACHINES & SYSTEMS GROUP PLC (the Republic of Cyprus) that issued securities in the form of global depositary receipts (GDR) at the London Stock Exchange in 2011. HMS HYDRAULIC MACHINES & SYSTEMS GROUP PLC is the holder of shares of HMS Group plc, HYDROMASHSERVICE ltd and owner of shares of HMS Finance and HMS Capital. HMS Group plc and HYDROMASHSERVICE ltd are the holders of the controlling interest in the manufacturing companies in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus ownership: Structure of HMS Group.
The HMS Group’s business is represented in form of three specialized divisions that consolidate enterprises and structural subdivisions performing design and constructor documents development, equipment production and sales, installation and construction and commissioning works, following service maintenance and spare parts support.
The Industrial Pumps Division designs, manufactures and supplies pumping equipment used in:
Oil extraction process, oil & products transportation and processing;
Thermal & nuclear power generation;
Water supply, utilities and environment;
Chemical processing, Steel & Mining, Pulp & Paper, Food, etc.
The HMS Compressor Business Unit designs, manufactures and supplies compressor equipment used in various industries:
-              compressors for a wide range of process gases;
-              compressor systems;
-              complete compressor stations;
-              refrigerating machines and units.
The Oil & Gas Equipment and Solutions Business Unit develops, produces and delivers a wide range of equipment and services for oil & gas such as:
Customized skid mounted modular equipment including
-              Water Injection stations for oil formation and formation pressure maintenance;
-              Oil & gas pumping and processing stations; automated group measuring plants;
-              Chemical dosing units, measuring and vessel equipment. The divisions of HMS Group provide complex service of this equipment including maintenance and overhaul.
Specific oilfield equipment used for
-              Oil exploration intensification and efficiency;
-              For current and work over repairs, isolation works and fracturing.
The Business Unit provides a full range of engineering and construction services for oil, gas and gas condensate fields development as well as production and infrastructural facilities erection in oil & gas and water industry.

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