Globelt - drive systems and belts at PCVExpo 2023


HANSE s.r.o. has been presenting high quality GLOBELT driving belts from HANSE Group s.r.o., Czech Republic, on the Russian market since 2010.

Globelt - drive systems and belts at PCVExpo 2023
GLOBELT belts by HANSE Group s.r.o. - a reliable alternative to the use of original equipment belts for agricultural machinery, trucks, cars, tractors, road construction and special equipment, and industrial companies. GLOBELT belts have passed the whole range of tests in extreme conditions and have confirmed high efficiency and durability. Using GLOBELT belts achieves significant economic effect.
GLOBELT belts are characterized by improved running smoothness, the ability to transmit high power with the lowest losses and a long period of no-failure operation. They guarantee reliable operation of machinery for various purposes during the entire period of planned use.
HANSE Group s.r.o. headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, is a supplier of high-performance power transmission belts for various applications. Production is located on the premises of European subdivision of the concern. Producing a wide range of power transmission belts for camshaft timing, auxiliary equipment, as well as various drive systems for mechanisms and units of industry, engineers of HANSE Group create modern components of belt drives.
A modern approach to engineering and technical challenges in designing and manufacturing belt drives makes it possible to find the right solutions.
GLOBELT is a comprehensive approach to drives. An integral part of the drive system, along with the belt, are appropriate components: bushes, pulleys and tensioning elements.
Partner relations with customers, high level of technological discipline are decisive factors for successful development of the Global Belt project in full compliance with the requirements:
- affordability
- 100% reliability
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