Volt Electric Motor at PCVExpo 2023

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Volt Electric Motor Company is one of the leading electric motor manufacturers in Turkey. The company's electric motors are characterised by reduced energy consumption and high energy performance (energy efficiency class IE3).

Volt Electric Motor at PCVExpo 2023
List of serially produced products:
  • single-phase asynchronous motors;
  • three-phase asynchronous motors;
  • special motors: compressor motors, motors for milking machines, industrial ovens and sinks, automatic door motors and fan motors.
The motor production process is fully automated: for die casting, aluminium casings and covers are produced on robot-controlled machines; a state-of-the-art mould allows the stator and rotor sheets to be cut and automatically packed to the desired dimensions; automatic coil winders are used for the winding and stator forming stages.

Thanks to R&D work, the company is continuously reducing the energy consumption of the motors and improving their energy performance: the company plans to increase the energy efficiency level to IE4 class.

Volt Electric Motor will be exhibiting at PCVExpo 2023 at booth H355.

Visit the PCVExpo exhibition from 24 to 26 October at Crocus Expo IEC. The exhibition will showcase new developments in industrial pumps, compressors and pipeline valves, drives and motors.

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