"ARTA" at PCVExpo 2018


For more than 50 years ARTA has been the market leader in innovative engineered couplings, complete system solutions and specialised service for the chemical-, petrochemical-, food- and pharmaceutical industry.


"ARTA" Armaturen offer costumers state of the art products and accessories through continous research and development. Dry Break Couplings, Safety Breakaway Couplings, Swieviel Joints, Filling/Drum filling systems, Emptying device and a lot of another.


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 The range of products:

ASK® Dry Break Coupling
For Fluid and Gaseous media, ARTA’s ASK®- is the Drybreak Coupling of choice, a proven product, working for many years in the most demanding environments. The ease of operation is achieved by its light weight and integrated swivel joint design. With reduced lifetime cost and safe sealing design the ASK® is certified by internationally recognized standards and regulations. The ASK® Drybreak can be relied on to safely transfer Aggressive and or Valuable media by companies all over the world. 


NTS®-SZ – Safety Breakaway Coupling
The NTS®-SZ utilizes a cable which is shorter than the hose or a loading arm. This allows for a total independence from any pull angle.
Additionally, it operates independently from the line pressure which makes the NTS®-SZ the most predictable and versatile breakaway on the market.

ADG™ swivel joint system
The ARTA ADG™ swivel joint system is a rotating connection hub for flexible hoses. Its various models are designed to transport fluids. The ADG™ system can be used virtually for all fields of industry, including gaseous or granular products 


AGG Ball Swivel Joint for conveying flowing materials
Usable for:
• Chemical Industry
• Power generation
• Stationary and mobile tanks
• for rotating and multi angle movements 

AZV®/ZV-FIXOMAT® Filling Nozzle
The AZV® automatic filling nozzle was developed for single-handed operation and smooth operation by slightly pulling the manual lever.
The ZV Fixomat® is a manually controlled filling nozzle to fill and empty small containers, sampling, admixing and laboratory applications. 

AR-Filler-System Drum and Container filling system
The ARTA AR-Filler unit provides safe and easy filling of drums and containers. 

AR-Defiller emptying device with self-closing valve at the base
The ARTA Evacu System serves for the continuous of barrels and containers without interruption of the pumping process untill the automatic shutdown at the end of the suction pipe is actuated. 

ADC Quick Disconnect for liquid or granular products
The ADC can be used with any equipment that has a standard Kamlock adaptor. The ADC is easy to use without flip handles, it has an excellent seal ability against volatile emissions and can be used for variety of possible applications.
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