TREM Engineering. Interview with engineer project TPA S. Chekulaev at PCVExpo - 2018


Production of "TREM Engineering" is designed for use in the following industries:

  • Oil refining and petrochemical
  • Oil extraction
  • gas production
  • chemical
  • Metallurgical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • energy
However, the main specialization "TREM Engineering" - Mechanical and gas-dynamic seals for the oil and gas industry. The exhibition PCVExpo «Pumps. Compressors. Fittings. Drives and motors ", the company surprised us with new trend products - valves and axial flow of the drive.
Before you can watch an interview with the engineer project pipeline valves of "TREM Engineering" Sergei Chekulaeva offer to check out a few words, what he said about the company: "Our company is one of the leading manufacture of mechanical seals and strapping systems. In recent years, we realize the direction of pipe fittings, are actively developing it. Now our product line has mastered and produced valves with diameter of 300 and 400, a pressure of 160 atmospheres. "
Read more about the company and presents a new product at the exhibition PCVExpo you can find in our video interview right now:



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