NPAA launched an initiative to make changes in the rules of the VTS INTERGAZSERT PASSAGE


The Scientific and Industrial Association of Valve Engineers turned to PJSC Gazprom with a proposal to make changes to the rules for passing certification of IntergazSert VTS, which entered into force on January 1, 2019. The corresponding letter was sent to the address of the heads of relevant divisions of the corporation on March 11, 2018

This initiative on the part of the association was prompted by the new order of putting products into the Register of Material and Technical Resources (MTR) that had entered into force in 2019 and approved for the use of PJSC Gazprom. We have already written that according to the newly established regulations, all the registers of PJSC Gazprom are now merged into the new Unified Register of MTR, and inclusion into it will be possible only after passing through voluntary certification in the INTERGAZSERT VTS. However, for the participants of the Russian market of pipeline valves (and for other suppliers of Gazprom), these innovations are a serious problem.

"An analysis of the requirements and procedures for confirming the compliance of pipeline valves with the requirements of the VTS INTERGAZSERT, conducted by NPAA specialists, shows that the average cost of such work for a manufacturer of pipe fittings is about 18-20 million rubles, and in some cases reaches 70 million rubles - says in the letter. - And this is without taking into account the cost of transporting products to test sites. In modern economic conditions, machine-building enterprises cannot afford to extract such amounts from turnover, especially given the fact that the successful completion of certification procedures and the inclusion of products in the Register do not guarantee that an enterprise will receive an order covering costs. ”

At the same time, in the opinion of the association, it is possible to optimize the requirements of VTS INTERGAZSERT in order to reduce the cost of certification procedures without compromising the quality of the tests and examinations conducted. The following are proposed measures.

1. Certification requirements for STO Gazprom 9001-2015. The presence of this requirement complicates the work of enterprises not only in terms of financial burden on the development and maintenance of QMS in accordance with the requirements of this standard, but will also confuse production. The vast majority of manufacturers already have a QMS in accordance with international requirements for ISO 9001, which is confirmed by the presence of relevant certificates.

It is proposed: to accept the QMS ISO 9001 certificates issued by a group of certification centers with an impeccable reputation, which are defined by PJSC Gazprom.

2. Testing at the centers certified by PJSC Gazprom: static pressure tests - at the CKTI (St. Petersburg), life tests - at Saratovorgdiagnostika (a branch of Gazprom Organenergogaz, Saratov.). At the same time, static tests virtually duplicate the acceptance tests (PSIs) performed on the manufacturer’s equipment that is certified in the established manner.

It is proposed: static tests - strength, body density, tightness relative to the external environment, performance, as well as life-long tests on a cost-free stand at the manufacturing sites of manufacturers in the presence of a certification center commission.

3. The need to produce a large number of product samples for testing. The regulations set out requirements for the selection of prototypes from the range up to DN100, DN150 - DN300, DN 400-DN900, DN1000 and above.

Thus, for certification of products one by one for the range from DN50 to DN1000, it will be necessary to manufacture and test four products - DN100, 300, 900 and 1000.

It is proposed: selection of prototypes to produce on the maximum DN and PN of the nomenclature series, stated in the specifications, and also to submit one prototype for a structurally similar nomenclature series of products.

4. Requirement to provide design documentation (specifications, design drawings of assembly units and parts, passports, operation manuals, strength calculations, etc.) for all products included in the manufacturer’s specifications to NPF CKBA. The need to transfer large amounts of information, of which 90% is redundant. In addition, drawings of assembly units and parts are the intellectual property of the developer of this product, and distribution of this information is unacceptable.

It is proposed: to transmit for the analysis of the structure of the reinforcement only the documentation for the products subject to certification tests, since Test samples are complete analogues of products to which test results are applied, with only assembly drawings of products being transferred from design drawings.

5. Requirement to pass additional tests (seismic resistance, fire resistance, climatic modification): testing of products for fire resistance, seismic resistance, climatic tests, if this was determined by an expert at the stage of preliminary (laboratory) familiarization with production, independent conclusion of a contract with the laboratory for testing data , in agreement with the Coordinating Body of Gazprom. Tests are carried out in the presence of an expert group certified body.

It is proposed: to read the results of these tests on the existing certificates and test reports.

Based on the above, the Scientific and Industrial Association of Valve Manufacturers appealed to the heads of the relevant services of PJSC Gazprom with a request to consider the issue of introducing the proposed changes to the certification rules in the INTERSHAZERT SDS. And for a more detailed discussion of issues related to the specifics of certification of pipeline valves in the VTS INTERGAZSERT, it was proposed to appoint a working meeting with the participation of specialists from PJSC Gazprom, VTS INTERGAZSERT, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers New Technologies for the Gas Industry and NPAA.

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