Siberian specialists have patented the technology of diagnostics of sealing surfaces of valves


The Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) issued in the name of Transneft PJSC and Transneft Western Siberia JSC a patent No. 2666973 for the invention “Method for diagnostics of sealing surfaces of stop valves”.

The authors of the invention “Method for diagnostics of sealing surfaces of valves” became the chief mechanic - the head of the department of the chief mechanic of Transneft Western Siberia, Denis Sumak, and the head of the central laboratory of metals and welding of the Central Production Service Base (TsBPO) Alexander Volkov. The issuance by Rospatent of a security document confirms the compliance of the present invention with the patentability criteria - novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability.

The currently available methods for diagnosing sealing surfaces of valves and fittings have a number of drawbacks, which include the complexity and complexity of diagnostic processes, the need for complete disassembly of valves.

The proposed invention provides improved accuracy and simplified diagnostic process, achieved by connecting the actuator to the shut-off valve and the subsequent measurement and fixation of its electrical signals when moving the locking member. Thus, the technical condition of the valve body can be judged by the values ​​of the parameters of electrical power, and with a stable mains voltage - by the values ​​of the current of the electric drive. In addition, the invention is important for increasing the level of industrial safety of oil and petroleum products pipeline transportation facilities. The use of this diagnostic method allows you to monitor the tightness of valves, timely detect certain defects of components and eliminate them.
In 2018, Rospatent in the name of Transneft and Transneft Western Siberia, JSC registered another technical solution for which patent No. 182589 was received for the utility model “Device for emptying the receiving and starting capacity of the cleaning and diagnostics chamber”. The result of the application of this device in the production activity was the simplification of the process of emptying the capacity of the receiving and starting chamber of the cleaning and diagnostics tool with a reliable stationary technological device.

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