Screw compressors and the entire line of filters for servicing compressors from Kentech


Kentech represents the largest manufacturers of filters for compressor and hydraulic equipment, construction, forestry and road equipment in Russia.

At the exhibition PCVExpo 2019, the company traditionally presents:

  • air and oil filters, air-oil separators for compressor maintenance;
  • inlet valves, screw blocks, minimum pressure valves and other components produced by VMC (Italy) for imported and Russian compressors;
  • KTC screw compressors (Italy);
  • main filters Donaldson Ultrafilter (Germany) and Parker (USA);
  • elements for compressed air preparation systems;
  • filters for servicing compressors and compressed air systems under its own brand "KENTEK".

For more than 20 years, Kentech has successfully fulfilled its mission - to improve the quality of life and activities of people by ensuring the safety and dependability of the work of special equipment, vehicles and industrial equipment. In “Kentech” you can choose any filter for your equipment, each unit of production is certified for compliance with European quality standards.

Kentech is the authorized distributor of brands:

Donaldson (USA), Baldwin Filters (USA), Filtrec (Italy), MANN-FILTER (Germany), SEPAR-2000 (Germany), KENTEK FILTER (Finland), Parker (USA), Sotras (Italy), TG FILTER (Italy ), Hercules (USA), VMC (Italy), Donaldson Ultrafilter (Germany), Donaldson Torit DCE (United Kingdom), OMEGA AIR (Slovenia), KTC (Italy).


compack_4_5_270_e.png  фильтры-KENTEK-для-компрессоров.png mann-filter-(1).png

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