Pipe wear problems in the housing sector


“The state needs to pay attention to the difficult situation with utility networks and in every possible way encourage investment for the comprehensive replacement of worn-out pipelines,” says Igor Malyshev, director of the NGO Pipe Industry Development Foundation.

According to Rosstat, the length of engineering networks in the Russian Federation that need to be replaced today is 100 thousand km or 24% of the total length. In some regions of the country, this figure reaches 80%. At the same time, the level of re-laying of heat networks with such wear remains extremely low. Against this background, the overhaul of heating mains, in fact, gave way to emergency recovery. 
In general, over the past six years, according to media reports, there have been 3,490 major accidents in heat and water supply systems. The total damage caused to the budgets of all levels as a result of accidents and the elimination of their consequences, for this period is estimated by experts at several tens of billions of rubles. But, most importantly, the accident had serious consequences for the health and even the lives of people: 164 people suffered from boiling water spills, 66 died.
The situation is aggravated by the unlawful use of used steel pipes for the repair and laying of new communal pipelines. They enter the secondary market after the “restoration”, the technology of which does not include the use of controls to detect hidden internal defects, which, in turn, reduces the reliability and safety of the entire pipeline facility, multiplying the risk of an accident on it. A resonant example is the installation of about 600 km of used pipes in the heat supply network of St. Petersburg in 2012, which resulted in numerous accidents at heating mains and loss of budget funds, estimated by the investigation at 3 billion rubles.
Reducing the number of accidents in utilities engineering systems can only be achieved by large-scale replacement of exhausted steel pipes with new ones, as well as the provision of mandatory quality assurance for the materials used and construction and installation works, the FRTP notes. In turn, the Russian pipe plants are ready to ensure the high quality of the supplied products and guarantee their trouble-free operation for a period of more than 20 years. 

Source: Pipe Industry Development Fund

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