GRUNDFOS - General Sponsor of PCVExpo 2019



Grundfos is the world's leading pumping equipment manufacturer. The company is represented in 56 countries around the world, with 83 own subsidiaries and 16 plants. In 2017 the total production of pumping equipment is more than 17 million units. Grundfos has about 19,000 employees globally. The everyday mission of Grundfos pumps is to deliver water effectively and reliably. In addition to pumps and pumping systems, Grundfos also develops, manufactures and sells electric motors and high-technology electronic equipment designed to add 'intelligence' to pumps, increase their performance and minimize energy consumption. In Russia, GRUNDFOS pumps have been known since the early 60's of the past century. The first delivery was made in 1962. In 1992 due to growing deliveries, a representative office was opened in Russia and in 1998 the subsidiary OOO Grundfos was founded. Today ООО Grundfos is represented by 29 branches in all the federal districts of Russia and the Republic of Belarus.

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