ARMTORG Media Group is the general information partner of the PCVExpo 2019



At the exhibition, a team of professionals will present their own stand at which guests of the event can familiarize themselves with the new issue of the Bulletin of Valve Assembly magazine. In addition, according to tradition, the ARMTORG media group plans to hold a series of meetings, interviews, as well as photo and video reports.

It is worth noting that ARMTORG is a regular participant in the largest and most significant industry exhibition campaigns not only in Russia but also abroad.

ARMTORG Media Group presents:

• ARMTORG.RU online portal of pipe fittings is your authoritative assistant in the pipe fittings sector, which today has become the leading and most popular industry source of information in the valve manufacturing sector not only in Russia but also in neighboring countries and Europe (Finland, Germany, Poland );

• the journal “Bulletin of valve manufacturers”, which is one of the most widespread in the distribution of industry-specific periodical media, which highlights the activities in the field of valve engineering.



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